Rehabilitation Exercise Programs

Zen exercise specialists assist the patient’s recovery from a musculoskeletal injury using rehabilitative exercise activities. Rehabilitation exercises are crucial if one wants to make a complete recovery from an acute or chronic musculoskeletal injury.

Dr. Marian custom designs her patient's rehabilitation program to incorporate improvements of balance (proprioception), gait, range of motion, flexibility, coodination, and strength in progressive steps that optimize the patient's recovery.   Dr. Marian feels it very important for patients to continue to exercise outside of the clinic to achieve optimum results.  Dr. Marian uses rehab exercises to fix structural problems to more effectively fix functional ones.  For example, if a patient has very poor posture, no amount of chiropractic and/or massage therapy is going to fix the patient's pain issues/problems on a long term basis.  Usually a patient's bad posture or poor ergonomics create the underlying pain that brings them to the clinic.  Zen Physical Medicine's philosophy is to fix the underlying cause of the patient's pain rather than the typical practice of putting a "bandaid" over the pain by using pain medications.  Zen Physical Medicine believes to fix muscle and joint pain issues using physical medicine before it turns into a more serious problem requiring surgery.  

Zen Physical Medicine gives the patient the tools to allow the body to heal itself correctly for the long term.  Dr. Marian educates patients on proper posture and body mechanics as part of her overall treatment plan.   Chiropractic manipulations, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, manual therapies, and rehab exercises combined together are a very powerful healing tool for muscleskeletal and nerve pain.  This combination of natural healing techniques work most of the time and are much less exepensive than back or neck surgery.  

Surgery should be considered only after all non-invasive techniques have failed.

"A healthy diet and correct exercise are a natural path to maintain the body."